Ilkley Motor Club – Push Bike Autotest POSTPONED

June 11th, 2018



11th July 2018

As all of our club nights involve a huge input from the right foot on the accelerator and brake, with the left foot just coming along for the ride and throwing in a few clutch moves now and again, I thought we should get the left foot a bit more involved with our evening’s entertainment. And what better way to get the heart pounding and the left foot working with the right than an IDMC Push Bike Autotest! There will be three autotests to attempt and a timed balancing test to test your nerve and bike control. To make things interesting we have invited our old friends Yeadon and Guiseley Motorcycle Club along to put up some opposition.

The venue is Dob Park car park, Map Ref 104 195 496, postcode LS21 2NA and the fun will start at 6.30pm. Entry is £3 each which will go to the president’s charity.

Any type of bike is eligible, as long as it doesn’t have a petrol or electric engine. Any rider of any age will also be accepted but you MUST wear a helmet.

To round the evening off we will head to the Yew Tree pub just down the road for the results and a refreshing drink or three!

For more details please contact Neil Raven on 07834006342.

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