Super Trial 2017

August 29th, 2017

Results of the 2017 Yeadon Guiseley & dmc Super trial held at Addingham moorside, on bank holiday Monday, Our guest rider Adam Raga takes the overall win.


Results have been published and expressions of gratitude written but I wanted to do a little bit more.

The trial was I believe yet again another huge success story we had moved on from 2016 and upped our game. The sections looked incredibly difficult but the results reflect things in a different light because the riders have also upped their game. Danny Cockshot and Ben Hemmingway were constantly monitoring the proceedings and making appropriate ‘adjustments’, making seemingly impossible sections even harder!

Things did not look too good from the weathers point of view with dark threatening skies and low temperatures initially but as lots of you know Addingham Moorside appears to have a climate all of its own!! Thankfully in the end we were blessed with ideal conditions and indeed this helped with the success story.

It is difficult for most to comprehend the level of commitment and effort that the club as a whole puts into events of this scale. There are the familiar ‘front of house’ names and faces that people recognise but without the ‘background’ support of the Yeadon -Guiseley ‘family’ looking after admin, manning the gate and selling raffle tickets we would not succeed. Ilkley Motor Club were also co-opted into our ranks and provided there support to organise parking.

The support from the ACU, sponsors associated from within the sport and those not directly linked to trials also make events of this scale happen. The publicity banners certainly help create the spectacle and add to the atmosphere, especially the podium ‘TV’ style monster.

Lessons learned from 2016 were implemented for 2017, and yes we can always continue to learn so let’s look forward to next year and see what happens!!


Mike Jennings

Club Chairman

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